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Roseau River Watershed District
Advisory Committee

The Roseau River Advisory Committee meets annually in the spring at the call of the chair. The advisory committee is availble to the public and seeks input on the manager's positions. To view the expiration of the current manager terms, click here.

Minnesota Statute 103D.331 requires managers “appoint an advisory committee annually to advise and assist the managers on all matters affecting the interest of the Watershed District and to make recommendations to the managers on all proposed projects and improvements within the District.” – Watershed District Handbook, Minnesota Association of Watershed Districts

Dave Grafstrom - Chairman
Mark Foldesi
Mitchell Johnson
Steve Lee
Greg Halvorson
Ed Dunham
Scott Habstritt
Kelly Christianson
Greg Braaten
Mark Bakken
Roger Falk
Kari Milner
Miles Hogenson
Amy Brateng
Torris Bakken