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Roseau River Watershed District
Competitive Grants Program

bwsr grantThe primary purpose of the project is to reduce soil loss from fields, improve the water quality of Roseau River Watershed District Ditch #3 by eliminating sediment deposition. This project will reduce maintenance costs along the ditch system by installing 29 sidewater inlets. The project will be a team effort with the Roseau County Soil and Water Conservation District and private landowners located along the ditch systems. This project will reduce soil loss and sedimentation, improve the ditch system and reduce maintenance costs. The estimated amount of sedimentation that will be reduced along Roseau River Watershed District Ditch #3 is 406 tons per year. To view the 2012 Conservation Drainage Report, click here.

Clean Water Funds: 2012
Clean Water Grant $48,250
Leveraged Funds* $12,063
Total Project Budget $60,313

* Leveraged Funds include required 25% local match

Target Water:

Roseau River (State Ditch #51)

Project Sponsor:

Roseau River Watershed District

Grant Period:

January 2012—December 2013