Roseau River Watershed District
Competitive Grants Program

Conservation Corps 2019: Roseau River Water Trail – Malung to Roseau Connection:

C:\Users\rrwd\Downloads\IMG_20170609_103347383.jpgThe Conservation Corps will work to remove downed trees and woody debris from the Roseau River corridor. Debris causes streambank erosion and causes accessibility issues. A crew from the Conservation Corps has been approved to spend ten days in late June/early July 2019 removing debris to improve conditions from Malung to Roseau, increasing navigability for small watercraft and paddlers.

Phase I - State Ditch 51 Sediment Reduction Strategy::

During the summer of 2018, crews removed approximately 1400 cubic yards of sediment from SD 51, this was funded through the local levee assessed to the SD51 benefited area. The Watershed District secured Clean Water Funds to design and construct grade control structures that reduce future sedimentation into the river. Project benefits include maintenance of channel dimension, the reduction of total suspended solids discharged into SD51, and the promotion of aquatic vegetation. As part of Phase I, two of five armored spillways were constructed in 2018. The remaining three spillways will be constructed in the summer of 2019. These spillways will reduce future sedimentation of the channel.

Sediment Removal

2016 PTMApp:

The Roseau River Watershed District was awarded grant dollars to help fund the Prioritize, Target & Measure Application (PTMApp). PTMApp was designed to facilitate the estimation of water quality benefits associated with the implementation of Best Management Practices (BMPs) and Conservation Practices (CPs) and inform the development of watershed plans. The purpose of using PTMApp is to prioritize resources of concern, target conservation efforts, and to measure the resulting water quality improvements. The information contained within PTMApp can be used by individual landowners to inform decisions on the placement of BMPs.




The CD8 Sediment Reduction Project, located southwest of the City of Roseau, was designed to reduce sediment deposition into the Roseau River by 277 tons by stabilizing field outlets, installing drop structures, and stabilizing eroded channel banks. To date, 16 sidewater inlets and 2 drop structures have been installed and 325 feet of stream bank have been stabilized. The CD8 Sediment Reduction Project will wrap up the summer of 2019.

Sediment Removal