Roseau River Watershed District
Competitive Grants Program


bwsr grantThe CD 8 Sediment Reduction Project is located southwest of the City of Roseau, outletting into the Roseau River approximately three miles upstream of the city. The stated purpose of the project is to reduce sediment deposition into the river by 277 tons by stabilizing field outlets, installing drop structures in gullies, and stabilizing eroded channel banks.

CD 8 was constructed in 1911 and was designed to handle moderate flooding based upon the drainage practice of the time. Current drainage practices and land use changes have resulted in the excessive transport into the river. The sediment reduction plan targets sites identified as being the greatest contributors of sediment into the ditch system and the Roseau River from data generated in the Site Prioritization Study of 2015.

Project Benefits:
                Erosion Control
                Water Quality
                Flood Control
Grant Image 2Projected Project Cost: $147, 700
Status: Funded FY 16/17

The Roseau River Watershed District has installed 8 side inlets and 2 rock drop structures. Plans for the 2017 construction season include channel stabilization and additional side inlets.


Roseau County Soil and Water Conservation District, Private Landowners