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Roseau River Watershed District
Detention Report

Efforts to develop comprehensive plans for expanded distributed detention strategies are being developed throughout the United States portion of the Red River Basin. These planning efforts establish benefit to local damage centers as well as reduction in contribution to the Red River main stem. Planning efforts are largely funded through the Red River Watershed Management Board for Watershed Districts contributing to the MN portion of the Red River Basin and by the North Dakota Joint Red River Water Resource District and the North Dakota State Water Commission for subwatersheds within the ND portion of the Red River Basin. This report summarizes methodology and outcomes of the Roseau River Watershed Expanded Distributed Detention Strategy, funded by the Red River Watershed Management Board (RRWMB). Houston Engineering, Inc. (HEI) and HDR, Inc. (HDR) were tasked with the responsibility to execute the RRWMB Expanded Distributed Detention Strategy for the Roseau River Watershed District. HEI analyzed the Upper Roseau River Watershed and Hay Creek tributary, while HDR analyzed the Lower Roseau River Watershed. To view the complete report, click here.