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Description / Location:


The project area includes the lower portion of the Hay Creek watershed and adjacent 37 square mile Norland sub-basin. Hay Creek drains into the Roseau River immediately downstream from the City of Roseau. The project includes three features: 7-mile corridor restoration and floodway enclosed by setback levees, an off-channel impoundment site, and a connection channel. This site provides a total of at least 9,500 acre-feet of gated and un-gated runoff storage.

Project Benefits:

This is a multi-purpose project intended to accomplish the following:


Hay_Creek_Norland_Image_2• 50% reduction in the 10-yr & a 30% reduction in the 100-yr discharges from Hay Creek/Norland drainage area.

• Reducing backwater and flood durations in the City of Roseau.

• Reduce flooding to 13,300 acres of ag land, 24 miles of roads, 131 miles of ditches, and 27 culverts and bridges.


Hay_Creek_Norland_Image_3Stream flow augmentation, improved dissolved oxygen levels, enhanced fish habitat, riparian buffer corridor and Wetland restorations.


Reduction in bank erosion on downstream ditches and the Roseau River.

Project Partners:

Red River Watershed Management Board and State of Minnesota Flood Damage Reduction Program.