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Targeted Implementation Plan

In 2016 the International Water Institute was awarded LCCMR funding to run PTMApp for the Roseau River upstream of Roseau Lake. The RRWD was also awarded and BSWR Clean Water Fund grant to compliment that effort and draft a report to summarize the results. The RRWD Board, as well as Canadian partners, provided additional funding to complete the model all the way to the Red River. Houston Engineering was hired to complete a Targeted Implementation Plan (Plan) for the Roseau River basin. Included within this Plan are maps showing potential locations for implementing technically feasible Practices as well as estimates of the number and types of Practices needed to achieve regional sediment and TP reduction goals. The estimated cost of the Plan to make progress towards goals are included to guide funding requests for implementation. This Plan divides the study area into eight management areas to assess whether the water quality goals can be achieved. The management areas for the study area are based largely on 10-digit HUC boundaries within the US and comparable watershed delineations that have been performed in Canada. The Plan can be used to guide Practice implementation decisions on both public and private lands and to coordinate these efforts among local, state, and federal governments; international organizations; non-profit governmental organizations; individual producers; and agribusiness. Nothing in this Plan should be construed as forcing landowner cooperation. This Plan is intended to guide implementation efforts and should not be considered prescriptive.

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