The Oakcrest Coulee is a project that will improve the existing drainage ditch that runs along Oakcrest BLVD and through the Oakcrest Golf Course along hole #6 and then north along hole #2. The purpose of this project is to reduce the Phosphorous in the system to improve water quality that leaches into the Roseau River, as well as reduce the number of cattails growing along the golf course. This will ultimately improve water quality in the river, improve esthetics on the golf course and near housing development, as well as improve golf course maintenance in these areas. The construction is set to begin in summer of 2024.

Project Benefits
  • Address channel modifications and storm water treatment.
  • Reduce the total amount of Phosphorous entering the Roseau River.
  • Improve water management capabilities and reduce sediment.
  • Reduce undesirable aquatic vegetation and improve ecosystem within the coulee.