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Roseau River Wildlife Management Area Pool 3 Outlet Project

Description / Location:

The Roseau River Wildlife Management (RRWMA) is located in northwestern Minnesota along the Canadian Border.This wildlife impoundment was constructed in 1952 &1953. The stated purpose of the project was wildlife enhancement and flood control. The RRWMA project was modified in the late 1980's to extend its life and to increase its floodcontrol benefits. This impoundment has provided many years of flood control benefits to the area, but over the years of operations it has become evident that having the ability to transfer water between the pools to aid in flood control is beneficial. Experience has also been shown that begin able to dischargelarge volumes of water, from theimpoundment,before the Roseau River flood reaches this area, would decrease flood damage downstream on the Roseau River and Two Rivers.

Project Benefits:

This is a multi-purpose project intended to accomplish the following:

Flood Control:
Habitat Restoration:
Erosion Reduction:
Project Partners:

Red River Watershed Management Board, State of Minnesota Flood Damage Reduction Program and Minnesota Department of Natural Resources.

Engineers Reports:

To download a copy of the Engineer's Report Appendices ending June 2014, click here.